Find an incomplete Japanese article

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  1. Due 2018 May 2, 11:00: Find an article in the English version which is not available in Japanese, or very incomplete in the Japanese version compared to the English version. Send mail to containing the following information:
    1. The Subject: must be **FH11011 Final Report Part 2** in romaji.
    2. the URL to the English version of the article;
    3. the URL to the Japanese version of the article;
    4. a simple plan to improve the Japanese version, including an explanation of whether the content of the Japanese version should differ from the English, and if so how; and
    5. the phrase that "NPOV" stands for, and a brief explanation of its meaning.

You may answer parts d and e in English or Japanese.

The most important part of this assignment is part d, because it determines the criteria for evaluation of your final report. You need to have a plan to avoid doing unnecessary work, and so I can evaluate what you are doing as you go along.

The point is that in a real job a plan is a promise (to your boss). You will be evaluated not only on whether your activity helps achieve the goals of your workplace, but on whether you deliver what you promised. The higher you go, the more you are evaluated on goal achievement and less on delivering a specified product. In school, of course, you're about as low as it gets, and you are primarily evaluating on delivering the specified product.

The difference between this and a typical homework assignment is that I ask you to specify the project. But it's still a promise, and you still need to do what you promise.

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