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Due 2018 May 23, 11:00:

Input your translated version into the wiki.

Note that you can edit as much as you like until the very final deadline imposed by submitting grade reports to the university (July 6). The wiki software keeps track of the content and date of submission, so I can see what you submitted. Your grade on the report depends on whether you submitted something "acceptable" on time (which satisfies Part 3 of the assignment), and on the quality of the final product, including properly considering student and professor comments.

The text is your Japanese article to the class wiki. Note that markup (emphasis, links, etc.) for the class wiki is not HTML or Word. See Help:目次 and especially Wikipedia:チュートリアル for more information.

If you have already started working in Word, you can cut and paste from a Word document into the document; please do that if you have already started working in Word.

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