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Here are some resources for students for seminar (mostly Masters, but some are relevant to undergraduates, too). More recent additions are at the top.

There are also a list of resources for travel outside of Japan. Remember you must register your absence with the university and purchase travel insurance.

Links to audio recordings of Kahneman's book have been moved to a separate folder. When made available, a note will be posted here.


Recordings of Ch 15 and 16.


Some discussion of Analyzing Models after doing statistical analysis was presented.


Recordings of Ch 13 and 14.


Recordings of Ch 11 and 12.


Recordings of Ch 10. Please take the time to listen to and reread this chapter many times.


Recording of Ch 8.


Recording of Ch 7.



Recordings of Ch 4.

Resources for traveling

The university requires that you submit the Overseas Travel Notification (海外渡航届, OTN) which is linked from the pages above.

OSSMA is a convenient service if you have trouble while traveling overseas. Signing up for OSSMA is voluntary but recommended.

OTN is a simple procedure but being admitted to the OSSMA program takes some time. If you want the benefits of OSSMA, register early.

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