English for Policy and Planning Sciences

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News about this course, including homework assignments, will be posted here. If an assignment is posted on this website, you are responsible for completing the assignment on time. More examples of the kind of thing posted to the website appear below in the Old News section.

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Course Outline and Goals

This course is a more or less random walk through topics of social and economic science that I find interesting at a level appropriate to this course, taught mostly in English.

Grading and Assignments

I do not think it is appropriate to set a written examination for this course. Instead, grades are based on a project and homework assignments, and possibly a final interview depending on class size. The project description is linked below. Homework (50%) and final project (50%) are about equally weighted. Attendance will be taken occasionally at random times, but does not count heavily in final grades.

Old News

There is no old news yet.

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