Basic Data Analysis

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Course Goals

This is a first course in data analysis for master's students in management and policy studies. This is not a technical course in statistics; for that, take (e.g.) Professor Kanazawa's course. The focus is on (1) understanding the relationship between behavior of decision-makers and the statistics we collect about their behavior, and (2) using those statistics to make inferences about motivation and predictions of future behavior.

Students passing this course are expected to be able to collect data, generate distributions of data values, and compute certain simple statistics from that data. For more complex computations, computers will be used for the analysis, including regression analysis and hypothesis testing. Interpretation of the results is emphasized, not their calculation.

See Links to Lecture Notes and Links to Homework Assignments for schedule information.

About Me

Stephen Turnbull, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering
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Office 3F1234 853-5091
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Office hours: Tu Th 5th period at 3F1234, or by appt.

Graduate students are welcome to drop in any time, but I reserve the right to say "not now" outside of scheduled office hours. See my schedule page for more information about where to find me when.

About This Course

経営政策プログラム / Business Administration and Public Policy
データ解析基礎 / Basic Data Analysis
Catalog No. 01CD103
Day/Time Thursday, 3rd & 4th (12:15--15:00)
Room 8A108
Home Page

Freedman, Pisani & Purves, Statistics (4th ed.)

Hardback, special order, at Maruzen, near University Hall. (Maruzen won't stock foreign books any more.)

Hardback, new, at Amazon Japan.

Paperback, new, at Amazon Japan.

Hardback, new, at Amazon (US) (about shipping).

Paperback, new, at Amazon (US) (about shipping).

Used copies also available from Amazon. 4th edition is preferred because exercises change a lot, but 3rd edition probably is similar.

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