Numb3rs is an American television drama, aired for 6 seasons (2005-2010). As one comment on IMDB points out, it's not great art even for a TV drama. However, what it does do is present mathematics (and the people who create it) sympathetically and rather accurately.

The Cast

Charlie Epps: Mathematical genius. Trained at Princeton University, which is famous for mathematical geniuses (Einstein, von Neumann, Feynmann, Nash, and more) at the Institute for Advanced Study. Now teaching at "California Scientific Institute" (Cal Sci), a thinly disguised California Institute of Technology (which really is like the university presented in the show). Charlie has a top secret security clearance and has worked on encryption with the National Security Agency (NSA). He also consults for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Don Epps: Charlie's older brother, a senior agent at the FBI.

Colby: the white FBI agent. Former U.S. soldier stationed in Afghanistan.

David: the black FBI agent. Grew up poor in the Bronx (New York City).

Megan: the female FBI agent.

Minor characters (in this episode) include Alan Epps, widower, father of Don and Charlie; Amita, computer wizard and mathematics major, Charlie's love interest and student, also future colleague (not really a girlfriend yet in this episode); and Larry, astrophysicist and Charlie's colleague.

The Questions

After the opening scene, there's a short soliloquy in Charlie's voice about the everyday uses of mathematics.


What does Charlie say we use math for "every day"? チャーリーによって数学の日常 使い方は何ですか?
Name some other things you use math for, every day. あなたにとって、数学の日常 使い方は何ですか?

For the purposes of Introduction to Social and Economic Sciences, the interesting aspect of this show is the interplay between expert analysis by the FBI agents and scientific analysis by Charlie.

Introduction to Social and Economic Sciences におけるこの番組の興味 はエキスパート(FBIエージェント)による分析と科学者 (チャーリー)に よる分析の比較。

How do the FBI agents (Don, Megan, Colby, and David) analyze the shooting incident? What questions do they ask? How do they think? FBIエージェントによう事件の分析 は、どうですか?どんな質問を聞 きますか?どういう風に考えてい くでしょうか?
What do you think Brownian motion is? How does Charlie analyze it? How does he use Brownian motion to analyze the shooting incident? Compare Charlie's ideas to the agents' analysis. Brown 運動は何でしょうか? チャーリーの分析ではどんなこと 考えますか?事件の分析にはどう利 用するのですか?チャーリーの考え 方とエージェントの考え方を比較 すること。
Why does Charlie arrange the toy soldiers? What does this tell you about how science is created? チャーリーは何のために兵士人形 を揃えますか?科学の作り方につ いてはこれで何か分かりますか?
How do David and Megan analyze the place where the car is parked? デービドとメーガンは車の駐車し ている場所をどういう風に分析し ますか?
When Charlie's father Alan, Amita, and Charlie are talking about the tesseract, how does Charlie change his analysis? アラン、アミタ、とチャーリーが テサラクトを話してから、 チャーリーの考え方はどう変わり ますか?
Does Colby use the sandpile analogy in the same way that Charlie does? コルビーが砂山の例についての 考え方はチャーリーのと同じ ですか?