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Author: Stephen J. Turnbull
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Date: 2020/10/18
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Here are some podcasts I listen to, and recommend for students of social science and economics interested in practicing English. I use Apple Podcasts, but most of them are registered with several platforms.

This version will be updated irregularly.

For the Curious

Other podcasts I listen to. I don't include them in "recommended" for various reasons: some are quite long, others very specialized, others don't fit the theme of social and economic sciences.

  • The New Abnormal Hilarious attacks on Donald Trump, his Administration, the Republican Party, and Trumpist conservatives.

  • Rational Security US national security issues, mostly political or diplomatic, including intelligence agencies. Participants somewhat progressive but reasonably objective.

  • The Report A condensed audio version of the Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential election from the Rational Security crew.

  • Arms Control Wonk Podcast Open source intelligence about armaments by Jeffrey Lewis.

  • The Diplomat: Asia Geopolitics Geopolitical diplomacy from Pakistan to Japan by Ankit Panda.

  • The Undiplomatic Podcast A very progressive foreign policy discussion. The host Van Jackson was a Korea specialist in the U.S. military. Generally an Asia-Pacific focus (his previous podcast was called Pacific Pundit).

  • Bombshell from War on the Rocks. Discussions of US national security and delicious drinks by all-female cast of former military and civilian intelligence officials. According to Van Jackson of Undiplomatic, Bombshell is the premier podcast of the War on the Rocks stable. He should know -- his old show Pacific Pundit was also produced by War on the Rocks.

  • Net Assessment from War on the Rocks. Basically War on the Rocks in debate format. I may be missing something, but the positions of the hosts all seem very set and not very thoughtful.

  • War on the Rocks Discussion of alcoholic beverages and military aspects of US national security. Also the sponsor of Bombshell and the former Pacific Pundit.

  • Russian Roulette Economy, society, and politics of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

  • Power Problems from the Cato Institute. International diplomacy.

  • The Asia Chess Board Grand diplomatic strategy in Asia and the Pacific.

  • The Bulwark American politics. The host is very conservative, and so are most (but not all!) of the guests.

  • The Cyberlaw Podcast Law and policy for information and communication technology. Very conservative host, but a wide range of interesting industry and government guests.

  • Darknet Diaries Stories about computer hacking, mostly.

  • Malicious Life More stories about computer hacking.

  • Deep State Radio American politics and national security. Mostly very progressive, but participants are well-informed.

  • #Fsck 'Em All Reform of the US criminal justice system, by a computer science major turned criminal defense lawyer.

  • Intelligence Matters Role of intelligence in US national security. Host is a former CIA Director.

  • The Lawfare Podcast Various discussions of (mostly) US legal issues.

  • LRC Presents All the President's Lawyers President Trump's legal troubles and those of the rascals surrounding him. (LRC is "Left, Right & Center," see previous entry. This one is much better, although I'm politically far to the left of Ken "Popehat" White.)

  • Left, Right & Center Politics with opinions from both conservative and progressive voices in each episode. Unfortunately the "Right" proponents all seem to think they need to defend the indefensible, namely Donald Trump. I don't listen to it any more unless there's a really interesting guest.

  • Make No Law Free speech law in the US, also by Popehat.

  • The National Security Law Podcast About US national security law and related legal cases.

  • Pod Save America from Crooked Media. Former Obama White House officials on US politics.

  • Pod Save the People from Crooked Media. Black activists discussing US politics.

  • Pod Save the World from Crooked Media. Former Obama White House officials on US diplomacy and world affairs.

  • Risky Biz News and industry interviews in information security.

    Manzai rhythm! (That means the conversational pace will be familiar but there are no tsukkomi/boke roles.)

  • With Friends Like These from Crooked Media. Variety, often personal, with a very progressive female host.

Currently Dormant

These podcasts are listed here in case they ever start up again, but they haven't had episodes in many months.

  • The Monocle Daily
  • Pacific Pundit was replaced by The Undiplomatic Podcast.
  • The Respass Report Another black activist.
  • The Wilderness from the cast of Pod Save America.

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