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New Year's Discography 2017

Author: Stephen J. Turnbull
Organization: Faculty of Engineering, Information, and Systems at the University of Tsukuba
Contact: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: 2017/01/01
Copyright: 2017, Stephen J. Turnbull

New Year's Discography 2017

These are the audio tracks for my New Year's Resolutions. If you have a request (I'll add it if I can come up with a resolution 😁) or you know me well enough to make a suggestion for fixing me 😇, let me know.

I'll fix this up with embeddings later. For now, you gotta click through.

  1. Everybody is promised things, and makes promises. We should all have one little promise we're gonna keep (mine's secret!)
  1. Support the people around me.
  1. Especially, pick out a few who are disadvantaged (not necessarily "unsuccessful", that's a completely different issue!) in our society, and do a little for each one. The answer to the question is "no one is." Nobody can be everything to somebody, nobody can be something to everybody. But all together we can do enough for everybody.
BTW, we're all human: note Stevie's vendor bobble and retraction at 00:27. Cut the politicians some slack. (OK, about 1 em's worth, but some.)
  1. Personally, 2016 wasn't that bad a year. Socially, Donald Trump, Brexit, Marine Le Pen, 安倍晋三, ... there's a lot to be upset and angry about in 2017. But there needs to be a point to it, or you just eat your own heart out. (For me, the point is usually, "Can I do something about this?") Let's not end up like this guy!
  1. As a professor, there should be more than technical content in classes. We should be helping our students to have real lives.

Making good on the resolutions

Here's an old friend who's still performing: Donna Mogavero.😍 I'm not asking you to click, but if there were no link, you'd never hear of her, right? (Note: Some of her videos are not on that channel. Search!🙏)

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