English for Social and Economic Sciences

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News about this course, including homework assignments, will be posted here. If an assignment is posted on this website, you are responsible for completing the assignment on time. More examples of the kind of thing posted to the website appear below in the Old News section.

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Course Outline and Goals

This course is a more or less random walk through topics of social and economic science that I find interesting at a level appropriate to this course, taught mostly in English.

  • It is not an English course, although I hope to help you improve your English.
  • Nor is it a social science course. Although I hope to present new and interesting topics to you, there is not going to be a coherent focus, nor will I try to do a comprehensive survey.
  • Short readings will be distributed to be read with written assignments as homework.
  • I plan to add software (e.g., a wiki) to the class website to make out of class discussion possible. In-class discussion is obviously not something I can require, unfortunately.

Grading and Assignments

I do not think it is appropriate to set a written examination for this course. Instead, grades are based on a project and homework assignments, and possibly a final interview depending on class size. The project description is linked below. Homework (50%) and final project (50%) are about equally weighted. Attendance will be taken occasionally at random times, but does not count heavily in final grades.

Additional homework will be assigned for students taking FH61041 concurrently.

Old News

Wed Jun 29 16:06:35 2016

  • I have commented on all existing user pages. If you haven't started, do it now.
  • At last check, all but two existing user pages had links to English Wikipedia article, the Japanese Wikipedia article, and your new translation. If you don't have all three, please fix up the page now.
  • To review another person's translation, navigate to the user list (sidebar "Special pages" (特別ページ) -> "User list" (利用者リスト). The "User list" is under "Users and rights" (ユーザーと権限). Then select a user (not yourself, not me, and not the example user "S1554321"!), click on the link to their translation, and then click on the tab for the "Discussion" page (議論). Add your review at the bottom of the Discussion page.

Wed Jun 8 14:40:58 2016

  • User accounts have been created.

    You can now log in!

    Please read the `introduction to using Mediawiki`_, reset your password, and create your home page as soon as possible!

Wed Jun 8 13:26:55 2016

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Wed Apr 20 14:13:03 2016

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